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Jump out of bed and head straight for the coffee machine... sound familiar? Did you know that there are over 150 million daily coffee drinkers in the US alone? In fact many of us preprogram our coffee machines so that we know there is a hot cup of coffee is waiting for us as soon as we stumble into the kitchen.
When it comes to working out, most patrons of exercise do our best to stay as cool as possible. We shell out for the new moisture-wicking fabrics and attire that promises to keep us from overheating. Why, then, has Bikram yoga (which many refer to with a more generalized nomenclature of “hot yoga”) become such a workout craze?
Laird Hamilton’s breadth of experience in the world of health, fitness, and extreme training is undeniable. He’s been exposed to the best in the business with access to today’s best trainers, athletes, nutritionists and extreme adventurists. Ever wonder how Laird has pared down all the information he’s had access to? Rather: what health philosophies has Laird adopted for his everyday life?
I recently began the Whole30 program – essentially I’ve cut our all processed food, sugars and carbohydrates in place of a diet rich in animal protein, veggies, berries and nuts (it’s based upon the paleo framework). All in all I am feeling fabulous. It’s not to say that I don’t miss bread, carbs… okay, truth be told, I have many times eyed the box of Klondike bars in the freezer.
One of the most contagious aspects of working out with Gabby and Laird is watching the engagement with their children.  Both Gabby and Laird have this unique ability to make every workout seem like some type of large group game that we are all lucky to be part of, and that approach spills over to their children who almost always want to join in.
Everyone always complains they don’t have time to eat breakfast let alone make breakfast. So we put together 4 easy, great tasting, and healthy breakfast options we love. 
Almost 50% of people who join a gym and start a new fitness program quit within 6 months. The main reason people give-up and stop exercising is lack of results, so joining a health club alone is clearly not the solution for the 60% of Americans who say they are trying to lose weight.
Far too many people get in the routine of doing the same fitness program day-after-day, and even worst year-after-year. One of the most broadly accepted principles of exercise is that over time your body acclimates to the exact same physical activity, and will eventually stop progressing.


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