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When you’re trying to count your calories, it might be tempting to focus on the numbers instead of the nutrients.  After all, if losing weight (or maintaining a healthy weight) is just a numbers game, then it shouldn’t matter WHAT you eat, so long as you meet your caloric goals, right?  Not quite.  Though calories are certainly important, the quality of your food is essential to your overall h
Does food affect your mood? You betcha! And here to prove it is a list of the top good mood foods. Try them out, add them to your diet and let me know what you think. Chocolate: Well this is obvious isn't it? But besides tasty delicious, the caffeine triggers the release of serontins and endorphins in the body.
A typical Laird workout week: Monday: Weight Room Circuit,  short bike ride (1 ½ hrs)  Tuesday: Bike (mtn. or road), Sand training (lunges, push-ups, head stands, hindu squats, log pull, sand dunes), Water activity (stand-up, kite surf, windsurf) Wednesday: Weight Room Circuit Short bike ride (1 1/2hrs)
Time and time again, you might wonder why you don’t lose weight, even though you think you’re doing everything right.  While no one wants to hear they’re doing something wrong, even if they didn’t realize it was wrong, you may very well be making some mistakes or you may be hanging onto habits that are making you fat.
Today, I completed an extremely tough 30-minute high-intensity interval workout with weights.  Think of a circuit including multiple sets of burpees (combination of a pushup and jumping jack), bent-over rows, deadlifts, shoulder presses, and abdominal work, all done in quick succession with minimal rest.  Was the workout completed at a high-tech gym replete with top-of-the-line equipment and t
Sometimes, you just want to eat something that tastes like something you ‘shouldn’t’ be eating.  After all, if you’ve committed to a healthy eating plan and a regular exercise routine, you can fit in some sweet splurges.  Moderation is the key to success, and while sometimes you may choose chocolate over apples, there are healthy desserts that will please your palate while also keeping your bo
Writing about health and fitness, I admit I can get a little overly philosophical. This was put in perspective for me the other day when I was in the gym and saw a woman I see there only every three or four months. I looked over at her running on the treadmill and saw someone who’d made a small transformation to her body.
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