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Writing about health and fitness, I admit I can get a little overly philosophical. This was put in perspective for me the other day when I was in the gym and saw a woman I see there only every three or four months. I looked over at her running on the treadmill and saw someone who’d made a small transformation to her body.
Almost 50% of people who join a gym and start a new fitness program quit within 6 months. The main reason people give-up and stop exercising is lack of results, so joining a health club alone is clearly not the solution for the 60% of Americans who say they are trying to lose weight.
A TRUition Users Guide for Any Health and Fitness Goal
Your mom shares it. Your best friend shares it. Your spouse shares it. Your favorite magazine shares it: diet and weight loss advice. And more likely than not, all the advice they’ve shared has varied greatly from true (eat your veggies) to downright silly (sprinkle this powder on your pizza and the fat “melts” away) and from one person to the next.
Dieting is hard enough; you never know what will work for you and what will not.  However, doing small, simple things can really help you achieve large results.  Here is a list to get you started.  1.  Don’t skip breakfast. 2.  Eat for your body type.  Figure out which way (high protein, 50-50, or more veggies) makes you feel good.
It may seem like Laird puts a lot of time and energy into staying healthy but to him it’s really part of everyday life.  Being healthy is very natural to Laird and it’s the way he likes to live his life.  These tips are Laird’s top ways to stay healthy during the spring and summer seasons.
When you eat makes big difference
We wouldn’t typically associate the low-intensity island style of Kauai with ultra-high intensity training, but Gabby and Laird are well on their way to changing that. There HIGHX program (high-intensity explosive training and conditioning) is gaining a huge following in a place you would least expect, Hanalei and Princeville, Kauai.


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