Let’s face it, if you don’t get your exercise in by 2 p.m., the window of opportunity begins to close. Not to mention after a long day of work, or work and kids, who has the energy?
Is your protein drink all it should be?
Need some dish suggestions for your Easter table this weekend?  We have them right here, not only are they tasty but they are colorful and healthy as well!
A typical Laird workout week: Monday: Weight Room Circuit,  short bike ride (1 ½ hrs)  Tuesday: Bike (mtn. or road), Sand training (lunges, push-ups, head stands, hindu squats, log pull, sand dunes), Water activity (stand-up, kite surf, windsurf) Wednesday: Weight Room Circuit Short bike ride (1 1/2hrs)
Dieting is hard enough; you never know what will work for you and what will not.  However, doing small, simple things can really help you achieve large results.  Here is a list to get you started.  1.  Don’t skip breakfast. 2.  Eat for your body type.  Figure out which way (high protein, 50-50, or more veggies) makes you feel good.
Throughout our entire life cycle of weight management (and usually all of aspects of living healthy) humans crave predictability, stability, and control. With weight management, predictability means eating a diet that fuels your body for daily physical demands such as working, exercising, sleeping, ETC.
I realized something about training that is so important. Have some fun!! What a concept. I go day after day doing my "workout routine" or better yet "regimen" mindlessly grinding through it.
We have more than 600 muscles in our body, so it certainly should be no surprise that our muscle strength and condition determine our ability to walk, lift, run, throw, ride, paddle, dance, and in general control our overall ability to enjoy a highly active lifestyle.


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