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When you eat makes big difference
Chances are that right after a workout you’ll have a healthy appetite. But resist the urge to rush to the fridge and eat the first thing that catches your eye without first giving some careful consideration to what you body really needs. Otherwise that snack or meal could inadvertently undermine some of the positive benefits of your workout session.
Round and round we go: Here comes another shorts and bathing-suit season. For many of us, it’s really not about the list, since we already know what to do. It’s about getting inspired and re-energized to tackle those two lifestyle habits we know so well: eating and exercise. Think of it as being reborn anew just in time for some fun in the sun, and consider this your starting point.
A TRUition Users Guide for Any Health and Fitness Goal
Almost 50% of people who join a gym and start a new fitness program quit within 6 months. The main reason people give-up and stop exercising is lack of results, so joining a health club alone is clearly not the solution for the 60% of Americans who say they are trying to lose weight.
Your mom shares it. Your best friend shares it. Your spouse shares it. Your favorite magazine shares it: diet and weight loss advice. And more likely than not, all the advice they’ve shared has varied greatly from true (eat your veggies) to downright silly (sprinkle this powder on your pizza and the fat “melts” away) and from one person to the next.
Dieting is hard enough; you never know what will work for you and what will not.  However, doing small, simple things can really help you achieve large results.  Here is a list to get you started.  1.  Don’t skip breakfast. 2.  Eat for your body type.  Figure out which way (high protein, 50-50, or more veggies) makes you feel good.
It’s one of the most coveted results of any males’ fitness routine; becoming strong and ripped at the same time. Unfortunately, at times, this goal can seem to contain competing objectives. Getting bigger and increasing muscle mass isn’t an easy thing to achieve on its own -- it usually requires that you eat more which can lead to an increase in body fat.
Everyone always complains they don’t have time to eat breakfast let alone make breakfast. So we put together 4 easy, great tasting, and healthy breakfast options we love. 
At some point almost every athlete gets the urge to test their physical prowess by doing a marathon, triathlon, or some other type of endurance challenge. Why not, if you’re exercising almost every day anyway, it doesn’t take much extra effort to get race ready.


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