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Diet and Nutrition

When you eat makes big difference
It’s one of the most coveted results of any males’ fitness routine; becoming strong and ripped at the same time. Unfortunately, at times, this goal can seem to contain competing objectives. Getting bigger and increasing muscle mass isn’t an easy thing to achieve on its own -- it usually requires that you eat more which can lead to an increase in body fat.
Everyone always complains they don’t have time to eat breakfast let alone make breakfast. So we put together 4 easy, great tasting, and healthy breakfast options we love. 
Time and time again, you might wonder why you don’t lose weight, even though you think you’re doing everything right.  While no one wants to hear they’re doing something wrong, even if they didn’t realize it was wrong, you may very well be making some mistakes or you may be hanging onto habits that are making you fat.
At some point almost every athlete gets the urge to test their physical prowess by doing a marathon, triathlon, or some other type of endurance challenge. Why not, if you’re exercising almost every day anyway, it doesn’t take much extra effort to get race ready.
As  spring activities will start to line up, many people begin to reengage with their exercise program and get serious about getting back into shape. When it comes to healthy habits, this “off and on again” cycle is very common and nothing to feel bad about. It is very difficult, if not impossible, for most people to be intensely focused on being their absolute healthiest year round.
Recently (and much to my happiness!) there’s been a lot of talk about buying organic. It wasn’t until after WWII (prior to which all food was grown organically) that we began to use pesticides and later genetic modifications to farm (now referred to as “conventional farming”).
Every day is a new day and it’s a chance to start over with a clean the slate.  It doesn’t matter if you haven’t exercised in five months or five years.  If you feel like you’re over an extra few pounds, don’t let anything keep you from starting a new lifestyle. Success doesn’t come by taking things on all at once on a large scale but by making small, real changes that stick.
Dieting is hard enough; you never know what will work for you and what will not.  However, doing small, simple things can really help you achieve large results.  Here is a list to get you started.  1.  Don’t skip breakfast. 2.  Eat for your body type.  Figure out which way (high protein, 50-50, or more veggies) makes you feel good.
One of the most contagious aspects of working out with Gabby and Laird is watching the engagement with their children.  Both Gabby and Laird have this unique ability to make every workout seem like some type of large group game that we are all lucky to be part of, and that approach spills over to their children who almost always want to join in.


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