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Diet and Nutrition

Dieting is hard enough; you never know what will work for you and what will not.  However, doing small, simple things can really help you achieve large results.  Here is a list to get you started.  1.  Don’t skip breakfast. 2.  Eat for your body type.  Figure out which way (high protein, 50-50, or more veggies) makes you feel good.
One of the most contagious aspects of working out with Gabby and Laird is watching the engagement with their children.  Both Gabby and Laird have this unique ability to make every workout seem like some type of large group game that we are all lucky to be part of, and that approach spills over to their children who almost always want to join in.
Most kids eat more sugar than their parents recognize. Like most moms, I would never feed my children a plate of candy for breakfast. Not even on Halloween. I would, however feed them yogurt. I would feel good about the yogurt. I would smile as I placed it in front of them, confident about their healthy start to the day. Well guess what?
From the Editor: Laird fans worldwide have been loyally following Laird's infamous body-shredding workouts. Take for example, Laird's favorite, no-gym abdominal workout with a video guide here. This one is sure to leave you sore!
When you eat makes big difference
As  summer activities start to line up, many people begin to reengage with their exercise program and get serious about getting back into shape. When it comes to healthy habits, this “off and on again” cycle is very common and nothing to feel bad about. It is very difficult, if not impossible, for most people to be intensely focused on being their absolute healthiest year round.
“Fat” is one of those words in our jargon that’s gotten a really bad stigma over the decades. Understandably so – as a society we have become so fat that heart disease is now the leading cause of death in the United States, far surpassing all other causes.
When you’re trying to count your calories, it might be tempting to focus on the numbers instead of the nutrients.  After all, if losing weight (or maintaining a healthy weight) is just a numbers game, then it shouldn’t matter WHAT you eat, so long as you meet your caloric goals, right?  Not quite.  Though calories are certainly important, the quality of your food is essential to your overall h
Does food affect your mood? You betcha! And here to prove it is a list of the top good mood foods. Try them out, add them to your diet and let me know what you think. Chocolate: Well this is obvious isn't it? But besides tasty delicious, the caffeine triggers the release of serontins and endorphins in the body.
Time and time again, you might wonder why you don’t lose weight, even though you think you’re doing everything right.  While no one wants to hear they’re doing something wrong, even if they didn’t realize it was wrong, you may very well be making some mistakes or you may be hanging onto habits that are making you fat.


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