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Health and Lifestyle

‘Tis the season for the company of loved ones, cozying up and powering down and of course lots of delicious, heavy fare. Holiday merriment, however, doesn’t have to spell trouble for your waistline. In fact, you can poise yourself for a super fit 2013 with some simple secrets for keeping your cool during all the winter festivities. Here’s the scoop:
Feels like once Halloween hits we just get funneled full speed through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year.  No wonder we need to chow down.  But Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Let's face it, it involves lots of food, giving thanks, and I don't have to pretend to be Santa or wrap presents.There is a lot of stress created at the end of the year. Can we ignore it?
Taking charge of your health can seem like a daunting task- especially when you know that health is a lifelong pursuit, and you may not know where to begin. The best way is to start small- incorporating doable changes little by little to your every day life. And, since there's no time like the present, what better day to start small than today?
Breast Cancer is by far the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. In the U.S. in 2007, 202,964 women were diagnosed with breast cancer, and 40,598 died from the disease, according to the CDC.  While some of the risk factors for breast cancer are not within our control, such as gender, age or family history, there are some factors that are within our control, such as diet and exercise.
Back when I had my daughter Brody, I got into a few bad nutritional habits. Sugar and wheat products had really found more of a regular place in my diet, rather than just being treats or exceptions.
Writing about health and fitness, I admit I can get a little overly philosophical. This was put in perspective for me the other day when I was in the gym and saw a woman I see there only every three or four months. I looked over at her running on the treadmill and saw someone who’d made a small transformation to her body.
Test Your Physical Limits
One of my favorite Saturday routines is to grab a morning pool workout, Laird style of course. Then head over to meet my family at Coogie’s Beach Café in Malibu for an early lunch. There is something particularly satisfying about treating yourself to a healthy meal after a hard 90 minute workout.
Before I get all preachy, I want everyone to know that I have been guilty of the below charges. With kids in tow, off and running to school, athletic events, fundraisers and work, I hardly have the time to stop and fill up a large glass bottle of some fancy filtered water and actually try to get everyone to drink out of it. Who's got the time or the energy?
It may seem like Laird puts a lot of time and energy into staying healthy but to him it’s really part of everyday life.  Being healthy is very natural to Laird and it’s the way he likes to live his life.  These tips are Laird’s top ways to stay healthy during the summer season.


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