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Health and Lifestyle

Back when I had my daughter Brody, I got into a few bad nutritional habits. Sugar and wheat products had really found more of a regular place in my diet, rather than just being treats or exceptions.
Writing about health and fitness, I admit I can get a little overly philosophical. This was put in perspective for me the other day when I was in the gym and saw a woman I see there only every three or four months. I looked over at her running on the treadmill and saw someone who’d made a small transformation to her body.
Test Your Physical Limits
One of my favorite Saturday routines is to grab a morning pool workout, Laird style of course. Then head over to meet my family at Coogie’s Beach Café in Malibu for an early lunch. There is something particularly satisfying about treating yourself to a healthy meal after a hard 90 minute workout.
Before I get all preachy, I want everyone to know that I have been guilty of the below charges. With kids in tow, off and running to school, athletic events, fundraisers and work, I hardly have the time to stop and fill up a large glass bottle of some fancy filtered water and actually try to get everyone to drink out of it. Who's got the time or the energy?
It may seem like Laird puts a lot of time and energy into staying healthy but to him it’s really part of everyday life.  Being healthy is very natural to Laird and it’s the way he likes to live his life.  These tips are Laird’s top ways to stay healthy during the summer season.
I recently began the Whole30 program – essentially I’ve cut our all processed food, sugars and carbohydrates in place of a diet rich in animal protein, veggies, berries and nuts (it’s based upon the paleo framework). All in all I am feeling fabulous. It’s not to say that I don’t miss bread, carbs… okay, truth be told, I have many times eyed the box of Klondike bars in the freezer.
Laird Hamilton’s breadth of experience in the world of health, fitness, and extreme training is undeniable. He’s been exposed to the best in the business with access to today’s best trainers, athletes, nutritionists and extreme adventurists. Ever wonder how Laird has pared down all the information he’s had access to? Rather: what health philosophies has Laird adopted for his everyday life?
Summertime means longer days, warmer nights, barbeque and treasured time with family and friends. It can also mean waving “buh-bye” to your time-tested fall routine. Kids are home. Vacations ensue. So how does one master maintaining a healthy summer home amidst all the changes? I caught up with Gabby to get her thoughts:  Work With Other Women or Families
May is celiac awareness month – a time you’ll likely hear the term gluten-free used frequently. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder whereby people are unable to process gluten – a byproduct from wheat, barley and rye.


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