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I realized something about training that is so important. Have some fun!! What a concept. I go day after day doing my "workout routine" or better yet "regimen" mindlessly grinding through it.
We have more than 600 muscles in our body, so it certainly should be no surprise that our muscle strength and condition determine our ability to walk, lift, run, throw, ride, paddle, dance, and in general control our overall ability to enjoy a highly active lifestyle.
Metabolism: It’s Just Science Want to boost your metabolism? Be a musclehead. All you ladies out there, who don’t want to get “too big” lifting weights at the gym, listen up. The one thing that really does help you lose weight or stay slim is how efficiently your metabolism works. So what does resistance training have to do with your metabolism? Science.
Ask anyone you meet in the street or at work if they believe that exercise is good for them and you’re likely to get the intelligent answer, “Of course!” Why? Because we all intuitively know that exercise is good for us. So why do only 8% of men and 3% of women in the USA do any regularly scheduled exercise?
Want to get the most out of your cardio workouts? Gabby says it’s not about the length of your workout but the quality of your workout. Watch Video:
We wouldn’t typically associate the low-intensity island style of Kauai with ultra-high intensity training, but Gabby and Laird are well on their way to changing that. There HIGHX program (high-intensity explosive training and conditioning) is gaining a huge following in a place you would least expect, Hanalei and Princeville, Kauai.
If you think of a hardcore athlete, you may think of them heading into the gym for countless sets of strength training or running dozens of miles each day.  While this is certainly true for some athletes, these are not the only activities they might take on during a workout session.  In fact, many athletes are also turning to yoga to fill out their exercise regimen – and not for the reasons yo
With 2014 on the horizon this is a great time to reevaluate your fitness regimen. Go ahead and strike from the list anything that did not really work for you or keep you motivated. But as you make your final cuts you may want to keep a few of the past year’s fitness trends in the mix. The ones included below are among our favorites because they can be true game-changers.
Water workouts are hugely popular right now, but they’re not just a passing trend. They’ve been around for ages and have proven to be a fantastic way to give yourself a really intense exercise session.
Get Back Into Fitness with This All Body Stability Ball and Dumbbell Workout For those of you getting into fitness or getting back into fitness here is a workout by Gabby Reece that eases you into a total body routine to strengthen, tone, and burn calories. *If you want to get a little cardio in, take very little rest between each exercise set and each exercise.


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