From the time we are born until we turn 30, our muscles generally grow larger and stronger. But unfortunately, some time in our early 30’s most people begin to lose muscle mass. People who are inactive lose up to 5% of their muscle mass every 10 years, so by 80 that could mean up to a 50% reduction in muscle, strength, and as a consequence frailty and immobility.
I have always thought of myself as a guy pretty much ready for any type of physical activity. After doing the Hawaii Ironman, climbing the Matterhorn during a snow storm,  and doing a few 24 hour adventure races, my perspective has been that I am ready for just about anything.
We wouldn’t typically associate the low-intensity island style of Kauai with ultra-high intensity training, but Gabby and Laird are well on their way to changing that. There HIGHX program (high-intensity explosive training and conditioning) is gaining a huge following in a place you would least expect, Hanalei and Princeville, Kauai.
It should be no surprise that for almost every physical activity you do, your performance will improve as you increase your strength to body weight ratio. Because the stronger you become in proportion to your body weight, the easier it is to move and therefore perform your best. So your goal is not to just become strong, but to maximize your strength compared to your body weight.
Gabby shares a workout that targets your major muscle groups; biceps, triceps, back, hamstrings, glutes, and quads. If you don’t have much time but want to get in a great workout this is for you. Done circuit style, it will get your heart rate up and help you build muscle. You can do this at home, in the office, in a gym, or at the beach like Gabby. All you need are some dumbbells.
We are all busy at this time of the year with family, parties, shopping you name it we have all the excuses for not working out. When in actually this is the most important time of the year to make sure that we do get some form of exercise in to combat the excess food, alcohol, late nights and flue viruses.
We have more than 600 muscles in our body, so it certainly should be no surprise that our muscle strength and condition determine our ability to walk, lift, run, throw, ride, paddle, dance, and in general control our overall ability to enjoy a highly active lifestyle.
Finding time to exercise proves to be a challenge during any time of the year; never mind the holidays. Most of us have mentally written off or compromised our workouts from Thanksgiving until the New Year. Hold on to the dream, and get sneaky. If we view exercise as something we have to sneak in (like a good piece of chocolate) then maybe we will get some pleasure out of the navigation.
Your body needs to move, and it was designed to move.  When you don’t get the exercise it requires for health, you can feel sluggish and your internal organs can begin to lose their function.  Cardiovascular work is especially important as this type of exercise works your muscles, your lungs, and your heart – all at the same time.  When your muscles, your lungs, and your heart are strong and f


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