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Far too many people get in the routine of doing the same fitness program day-after-day, and even worst year-after-year. One of the most broadly accepted principles of exercise is that over time your body acclimates to the exact same physical activity, and will eventually stop progressing.
Something about the Fourth of July just makes me feel like I should eat a hot dog and savior the sweet Summer time air.  A day when you know there will be fun, sun, BBQ, fireworks and the action will go long into the evening, especially since night fall doesn't even arrive until 9.  It's about being bare foot and playing.  Not many official holidays have such mandates as eating eat watermelon,
It should be no surprise that for almost every physical activity you do, your performance will improve as you increase your strength to body weight ratio. Because the stronger you become in proportion to your body weight, the easier it is to move and therefore perform your best. So your goal is not to just become strong, but to maximize your strength compared to your body weight.
You asked for it: It's Gabby and Laird's favorite workout playlists!  Now you can know what tunes Gabby and Laird train to each and every day, know what gets them pumped and keeps them moving! Gabby’s Top Picks!
Laird Hamilton Rock Workout
I’ve been around Laird for years now, and have seen quite a few people ask him, “What type of workout should I do”? I’m sure they expect him to share some kind of unique insight, or special secret formula. The answer he typically provides is, “it’s all good”. Because when it comes to intense physical activity, no matter what you’re doing, there is going to be significant benefit.
Gabby shares a workout that targets your major muscle groups; biceps, triceps, back, hamstrings, glutes, and quads. If you don’t have much time but want to get in a great workout this is for you. Done circuit style, it will get your heart rate up and help you build muscle. You can do this at home, in the office, in a gym, or at the beach like Gabby. All you need are some dumbbells.
Join us for a Tababta Style circuit workout that will get you in shape; toned, strong, and flexible. Gabby Reece teaches her circuit workouts 2-3 times a week while she lives in Malibu and Kauai. She shares her works here at
If you ever trained for a triathlon or have been on a swim team, you’ve probably spent your fair share of time in a pool, and done a bit of open water training. However, unless you play water polo or have been a synchronized swimmer, you probably haven’t done a cool-down much like this one.
From the time we are born until we turn 30, our muscles generally grow larger and stronger. But unfortunately, some time in our early 30’s most people begin to lose muscle mass. People who are inactive lose up to 5% of their muscle mass every 10 years, so by 80 that could mean up to a 50% reduction in muscle, strength, and as a consequence frailty and immobility.
Most of us blow it in the summer with bbq's, late evening dinners lounging by the pool, beachside snacking, and let's not forget the booze!  But let's not let summer get the best of us, now can be a good time to recommit to a good fitness strategy.  Try these techniques:


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