Why a Mud Run?

Thu, 11/22/2012 - 8:00pm -- Editor

I had the honor to participate in a mud run this past weekend. I have never participated in one and I thought since my sister was running, it was the push I needed to sign up. I knew that there was going to be mud pits to run through and that we were going to be getting dirty, but the question I had to myself was; what’s the big deal with mud runs?

It seemed like everyone that I spoke to about mud runs that had participated in one and nothing but excitement for me that I was finally going to do one.  Obviously, there was running involved and through mud, but when I looked more into what I was getting into, the more intrigued I became. I realized that this was not only a race, but it had obstacle courses though out the run and of course everything was literally covered in mud.

There are so many different types of mud run events that anyone can participate in throughout the nation. Each event is different according to size, obstacles, and participants. Getting down and dirty is only half the fun. While at the start getting ready to go, I expected everyone to be stretching and preparing themselves for what was to come.  Turns out stretching wasn’t the only thing everyone was doing. There was music, cheers and chants, and an announcer getting everyone pumped up to not only run, but to be a part of the whole event itself.

Come as an individual runner or come as a team. Teams made up team names, along with costumes and face paint. While running everyone gives each other support and cheers all the way until you cross the finish line. The great thing about these types of events is that most of them are for a cause. Registration fees are used to donate to whatever cause or organization the event is sponsoring.

After the run not only did I feel great about myself, but I was greeted with cheers, high fives, and one last mud pit. I felt good physically for completing it, and I felt great internally as well for supporting a cause. Now I understand what this hype is all about. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and go get dirty!

By Contributing Editor Lauren Scholz