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G&L 90 Guide

G&L 90-DAY Transformation Program

Just Give Us 90 Days and We’ll Help Transform Your Life!

Developed by Gabby Reece and by Laird Hamilton

3 - 30 Day Workout Plans for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced


Do the G&L 90 workout plans to get in shape, or improve your fitness!
Gabby and Laird lead you through 12 functional training circuit workouts at each level.
Mix the workouts with cardio and rest and you will get a complete 30 day workout plan like no other.
*Each workout comes with warmup and cool down exercises.
*Choose your own favorite cardio workouts like; jogging, swimming, sports, aerobics class, elliptical machine, stairs etc.


BEGINNER G&L90 WORKOUTS 1-12 FOR HER: Complete 3 a week mixing cardio days in-between and 1 rest day INTERMEDIATE G&L90 WORKOUTS 13-24 FOR HER: Complete 3 a week mixing cardio days in-between and 1 rest day ADVANCED G&L90 WORKOUTS 25-36 FOR HER: Complete 3 a week mixing cardio days in-between and 1 rest day


BEGINNER G&L90 WORKOUTS 1-12 FOR HIM: Complete 3 a week mixing cardio days in-between and 1 rest day INTERMEDIATE G&L90 WORKOUTS 13-24 FOR HIM: Complete 3 a week mixing cardio days in-between and 1 rest day ADVANCED G&L90 WORKOUTS 25-36 FOR HIM: Complete 3 a week mixing cardio days in-between and 1 rest day

Let the Transformation Begin

At we believe the primary purpose of exercise is to keep you healthy, improve your quality of life, and help you perform to your maximum ability. The most effective way to accomplish these goals is through an exercise technique we call “Functional Training”. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, advance your fitness level, or exercise like an elite athlete provides a functional training exercise program that is right for you.

We understand that men and women usually have different goals and objectives, and that everyone has a unique starting point, that’s why at we have developed a 90-day program for both men and women of all fitness levels; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We also offer sports performance functional training for anyone looking to workout like an elite athlete, or striving to optimize their fitness level. You choose the starting workout level that is right for you, and then begin the transformation to the ultimate-you.

Become Your Own Best Personal Trainer

At, our goal is to teach you how to become your own best personal trainer, and not just to transform yourself, but to become a positive influence on the health of your friends and family. We want you to be a role-model for your entire family. At you will learn functional movements used by the top personal trainers, plus we will show you how to combine these movements into the most efficient and effective workout available today.

Our functional training workouts will benefit you in everything you do, and help you acheive outstanding results in just 90 days. Best of all, most of the functional exercises you perform are done simply using your own body weight, or in combination with various low-cost small apparatus which you can easily use at home. With the G&L 90-Day transformation program you can workout almost anywhere at any time, and with no health club or expensive personal trainer needed ever again!

Functional Workouts For Every Level of Fitness

G&L 90 begins with simple, low-intensity single movement exercises that anyone can do, and then progress to more demanding compound movements which simultaneously exercise multiple parts of your body. Eventually, you’ll advance to functional workouts that combine a series of full-range compound movements with minimal rest in-between exercises, in order to get cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility benefits all at the same time (a technique called active recovery). Finally, when you are ready for the most demanding functional workouts, we introduce explosive training movements, which athletes use to improve sports performance and achieve optimal results.

You choose which fitness level is the right starting point for you. Always begin at a level slightly easier than you think you are ready for, then advance to the next level (or workout) once the current level feels easy to you. If you are a beginner you should complete all 30 days of the beginner level workouts. We recommend everyone functional train a minimum of 3 days per week. But for improved results, you can exercise as much as 6 times per week, by performing our recommended cardio workouts or cardio functional movements on the alternate days. The frequency of your workouts is up to you. But the more time you invest, the faster your results.

Once your finished the beginner level workouts, you progress to the intermediate level for the next 30 days, and then finally on to the 30 day advanced program. Once again, you choose which starting level that is right for you. When you think you are ready to advance then progress to the next level. Remember, not everyone progresses at the same rate, so listen to your body and only advance to the next fitness level once the current level (or workout) is too easy for you. Some user may take longer than 30 days before they feel ready to advance to the next fitness level, and that is totally OK

Eventually, you will be ready for sports performance conditioning. At, once you have completed our G&L 90-day transformation program, you can continue to advance with our EXTREME functional training workouts and start training like an athlete. There are 12 EXTREME sports performance workouts which are guaranteed to be some of the most demanding exercise routines you have ever done, and will get your body into optimal condition (and we add more workouts all the time). So no matter what your fitness level today, we can help you advance even further.

Exercise Equipment

Most functional training exercises are performed simply using your own body weight. Functional training consists primarily of movements which use your own body weight as resistance. However, to add diversity and additional resistance to your exercise program, some equipment such as a pair of adjustable weight dumbbells, standard set of kettle bells, sand bags or resistance bands is useful (some form of additional resistance will be needed to perform various exercises included in G&L 90). Additionally, Gabby and Laird from time to time will functional train using a resistance ball or yoga mat.

Suggested Equipment

  • Dumbbells, kettle bells, sand bags or resistance bands
  • Chairs or benches
  • Pull up bar (or alternative high-bar such as found at playgrounds)
  • Steps or Stairs

Additional Equipment

  • Yoga mat
  • Resistance ball


  1. Does this 90-day program cost money? No, just go to and the program is free. All we ask is that once you start see results, you refer your friends (there is also a video instruction option which is only $4 per week).
  2. Do I need a gym membership to perform these workouts? No, all workouts are designed so you can easily perform all exercises with little or no equipment at home, at the office, or at a park.
  3. Do Gabby and Laird do these workouts? Yes, they perform a variety of workouts based on these functional exercises, along with sports performance training, yoga, paddling etc. You can follow the type of exercises Gabby and Laird do now in our EXTREME workout section. But we strongly recommend you at least complete the 30 day advanced level program (and are fully comfortable at this level) before you try these EXTREME workouts.
  4. What if I start with beginner level workouts but find they are too easy? Progress to the first workout of the intermediate level, intermediate workouts incorporate more demanding compound movements. If after trying various intermediate workouts, you find them all too easy, then move on to advanced.
  5. If I complete the 30 day program at the beginner level and they are still very challenging, should I repeat the beginner program? Yes, take your time progressing. We always recommend that you repeat your favorite workouts multiple times within your current fitness level until they become easy. Only advance to the next level, once you can easily complete the most demanding workouts within your current fitness level.
  6. Do you offer a nutrition program? We provide you with basic nutrition guidelines, plus easy to follow tips for effective weight loss, as well as muscle development. Your nutrition program will vary depending on your desired results. At you’ll find nutrition guidelines with simply to understand top Do’s and Don’ts of healthy eating and proper nutrition, as well as a wide variety of meal Replacement drink recipes for effective weight loss. is also a resource for numerous articles on proper nutrition, and provides a comprehensive motivational program to help you achieve a permanent healthy lifestyle transformation.
  7. Can my children do functional exercises with me? Most experts agree that exercise using just their own body weight is the preferred fitness activity for young children. So try and get your kids to follow along whenever you can. But remember, always make sure children workout within their ability, as well as advance at their own pace. Encourage your children to only do just a small portion of your workout along with you, and let them quit at any time.