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Gabby's Best Health Tips

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 9:00am -- gabbyandlaird

Let’s face it there is no reinventing the wheel when it comes to some new top secret health tips.  But I do have some solid reminders to get you through that crazy three week period. I have 7 on my BEST list. I could write 20 but if you concentrate on these seven I think you will reap great rewards!


Forget alcoholic how about sugarholic?  This white devil can kick our butts during the Season.  We get sugar crashes, inflammation in your body, and can create a frenzy where we end up eating more sugar once we start.  Of course I’m not suggesting NO sugar that's not feasible, but try to control it. 

Do you get bored sitting around watching football and find yourself snacking on unhealthy grabs? Here are some quick and easy sweet suggestions:

Get Some Fruit! Strawberries, Blueberries, Apples, Bananas, and Grapes
Put these on your shopping list each week and keep them washed and sliced in your fridge. Set them out when you watch tv or have company over.

Flavored Water! Yes water.
Don’t get your sugar fix with your liquids. Just add a sweet flavor to your water to get a quick sweet fix. Plus water will help with your hydration for dry weather and possible holiday ‘drinking’.

We live in an imperfect world so why do we try to be perfect?  Especially you woman out there, stop trying to be superwoman.  Do what you can do, but stay focused on what really matters.  As Martin Luther King Jr. said "we need to not be a thing focused society, but a people focused society."  Amen.  Baking cookies for all 49 of your neighbors on the block can wait.

The kids are home and things are crazy, but try to stick to your routine as best you can.  If you go to a special boot camp class then don't abandon your regular schedule.  Having said that slow down enough to enjoy your family and friends and take in the moment.  We all have a tendency to just power through our Holidays.

In an attempt to be the best Santa you can we have a tendency to get our work done when everyone else is asleep;  better to go to sleep and arise a little earlier than usual.  It's not worth it to wear yourself out.  Lends itself to the downward cycle, too tired to train, too much caffeine, too jacked up too sleep, irritable during an already stressful time.  Rest.

There is no need to have an eight course meal and gathering for every meal of the day during the  Season.  Keep it focused.  Either do a brunch or dinner but not a large meal that stretches out throughout the day.

In the time of "giving" we can empty out the tank and walk around running on fumes.  Steal a bath, grab a yoga class or just indulge in your favorite sappy film.  We will be the Grinch vs a Happy Elf and that's never good for anyone.  Don't forget to breathe.

7.  SAY NO
Keep the schedule calm, and don't agree to go to every single party and gathering.  You will only resend it.  Go to a few of the parties you really want to, and only a handful of the ‘have-to's. Oh, and don't make excuses just say you won't be able to make it.  Honesty and not having to over explain yourself are two wonderful things about being an adult.