Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Tue, 10/23/2012 - 8:15pm -- Editor

My 2 and 3½-year old daughters inspired me to overcome the most significant challenge of my life – cancer.  Yeah, that’s right, cancer – the big C.  Not only was the disease threatening my life, it was threatening to unravel our glorious future – together; a future I desperately wanted.

During the dark days of treatment, I agonizingly watched as my body was ravaged by the chemotherapy.  But through the pain and despair, I realized my true essence, the truth of who I am - was still intact.  This discovery was largely due to my daughter’s behaviour.  My angels, Katie and Samantha, literally saved me from myself and my heartbreak.  While I lay in bed, weak and in pain, my daughters would float into my room – giggling and laughing. Lightness and joy emanated from their souls and permeated the room.  They would often be dressed in soft pink ballerina outfits and would twirl around with glee.  Their sweet voices would fill the air with shrills of Mommy, Mommy, watch me!  They would mystify and enchant me – their beauty and lightness of being was ethereal.  They moved me from my thoughts of despair to joy.   They’d sing me a special song in their sweet young voices, blow me kisses and the four walls would be filled with our laughter.  They saw only my essence, the truth of who I am.  And, in that moment – I knew I was the lucky one.  I am so blessed to have them in my life.   They are my true teachers.  They live only in the present moment.  They celebrate the everyday magical moments of life.  They see only the beauty of this world. 

Thank heaven for little girls.

By Contributing Editor Janet Glass