Weekend Goals

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 12:00am -- Editor

Someone recently wrote in saying they were doing great during the week with their eating habits but the weekends were really tough. We came across this article by our friend’s at Venice Nutrition we think it will help!

Having trouble with weekend goals?

One of the most frequent requests we receive from our members are tips on how to stay focused on their goals during the weekend.   Why is it so much simpler to stay on course Monday through Friday?   More than likely your work week is typically more structured and follows some sort of routine.  After all, the weekends are usually hectic, less scheduled and packed full of activities you just didn’t have time for during the busy work week.  Add on the Saturday night dinner out with friends for cocktails, food and fun, and you see how easy it is to fall off track.   Even though your weekends are jam packed, you can still easily stay true to your personal goals without investing a lot of time or effort.  Here’s how.

1.  Take the time to journal your meals, timing, water, supplements, and exercise for two weekends in a row.  Then take a few moments to identify where your falling off track…you’ll notice that the challenges you are having are consistent weekend to weekend.  Once you are aware of where you might be going wrong, it’s time to create a solution.  For example, are you going too long without meals during the weekend days because of endless errands and plain forgetfulness?  Pack a protein bar in your purse or car so you never skip a meal.   Are you running out of healthy choices by Saturday and relying on whatever is lying around?  Make an adjustment in the amount of food you cook in bulk for the week, such as adding a few extra chicken breasts or more veggies to have on hand…. If it’s there, you are more likely to eat it!

2.  Make the time to exercise at least one day over the weekend.  Many people like to work hard and work out hard Monday through Friday and then take the entire weekend off.   The better choice is to pick at least one day over the weekend for some kind of exercise, particularly one you enjoy if you have been incredibly active all week long.  It could be as simple as playing a game of golf, taking a power walk or even a yoga class.  If your body is sore and fatigued because of a strenuous week, aim for a calming activity like yoga or a walk.  And always take the time to stretch, even on your off days.  The extra day of activity will help to keep your metabolism pumping and your body limber and mobile.  It’s also the perfect motivation to keep up other healthy habits all weekend long.

3.  Plan your “off” meal.  Notice we said off meal and not off day!  It’s a misconception to think that taking an entire day or weekend to eat whatever you’d like is okay even if you’ve eaten well all week.  Doing so only leads to erratic blood sugar levels, moodiness, and ultimately fat storage.  You’ll also notice that an entire day or weekend of indulging in unhealthy food will cause you to want to eat unhealthy for days after due to unstable blood sugar levels.   And this makes it so much more challenging to get back on track on Monday.   So what’s the solution?  Plan an entire “off” meal where you can indulge in anything you’d like.  Just make sure that you’ve eaten balanced meals all day leading up to the “off” meal and you get right back on track at the following meal to re-stabilize blood sugar levels.

We know how important your weekends are to you.   Taking the time to relax and enjoy is a critical component of a balanced lifestyle.   Following the above strategies will keep you on track towards reaching your goals without taking up your entire weekend.  Here’s to a fun and healthy weekend!