Finding Your Adrenaline Rush

Wed, 08/15/2012 - 8:00pm -- Editor

Do you know what gets your blood pumping? There are a lot of things that can make our heart beat fast whether it’s a person, a scary situation, or something that makes us smile. Lately I have been on a mission trying to find different things that make my heart beat faster. To be exact, I want to know what activities make me crave for more and what gives me the sensation of an adrenaline rush through my body.

Recently, I went cliff diving with a friend at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego. We drove from Orange County just to jump off the cliffs into the ocean in search for that adrenaline rush. I felt my blood rushing with anticipation when I was standing at the cliff and looking down into the ocean.  I closed my eyes and took the leap of faith…literally. After I made the splash and came up for air, my heart was pulsating and I wanted nothing more, but to jump again and again. So I did.

According to a study from the University of Delaware, “Adrenaline is another term for the hormone epinephrine. Epinephrine is released into the bloodstream from the medulla in the adrenal glands when the body undergoes intense emotions such as fear or anger. In those elevated levels, adrenaline causes an increase in heart rate, muscle strength, blood pressure and the breaking up of sugars to release energy. These releases of adrenaline into the bloodstream are called “adrenaline bursts.”

In sports and in fitness, we can create that same adrenaline rush to perform at our best and to keep wanting to crave that heart beating out of your chest sensation, but how do we find what makes our bodies do that? Trying new things, or becoming better at the sports and fitness activities we do know. I believe in experiencing new endeavors, something we have never done before or something we never heard of can help pump our hearts with anticipation.

Adrenaline rushes can come from anticipation before a race, or during the middle of a game of basketball when your team takes the lead. Learning new outdoor sports like mountain biking, surfing, or anything new may spike your adrenaline level. It doesn’t have to be extreme like cliff jumping, I just happen to be a little crazy, but it could be something we maybe thought we never could of done before or something out of our comfort zone.  What makes your blood pump can be completely different from everyone else; it’s just finding what that is and then using it for your fitness advantage!

By Contributing Editor Lauren Scholz