Gabby’s New Years Eve Advice

Wed, 12/26/2012 - 6:28pm -- anonghost

In all honesty I can't even stay awake until midnight anymore on New Year's Eve. I think Laird and I have gone to bed by 10:00 for the last seven or eight years. When I write this its sounds incredibly pathetic, smart but pathetic. So when my editor asked me to write on how to throw a healthy New Year's Eve party I had a bit of a chuckle with that.  On top of it my youngest daughters birthday is January 1st , so now I am not only ringing in a new year but I am celebrating her birthday the very next day.

I think the thing that gets tricky about New Years is the expectation of fun. "OK it's New Years and what major blow out are we going to be a part of?" God forbid you start drinking too early then you're drunk, then sober then tired before the clock hits 12. Or you commit to one party and it ends up being a dud, and that is really a bummer.

I don't really know how to throw a healthy New Year's Eve party. My take on it is if you feel like going out, dressing up, and blowing off some steam, get a babysitter and make plans with your most fun friends. If you don't really want to do anything then have a small dinner with some close friends and maybe enjoy a timeless movie (Caddy Shack, Talladega Nights, Wedding Crashers or some other great easy laugh).

The only thing I know about New Year's Eve is to make it your own. When you do anything that is true to yourself, and reflects your honest feelings, THAT IS THE WAY TO BE HEALTHY!

Life is a celebration. Time is moving and it's natural to mark it, but then there are moments that I think to myself "hey, it's just another day". This New Year's Eve just see how you are feeling about the day and go from there. What I would avoid is over thinking it, and getting on the depressed boat about how one year is down and another one is coming and oh, I 'm getting older blah blah blah. What good does this ever do?

Today is what we have and enjoy it! Embrace the opportunity of a new beginning, but always remember that everyday you wake is a chance for a new beginning not just January 1st.

Cheers to all of you and to your loved ones, and here is to the possibilities that lie before all of us.