Meal Plans

I am making this dinner for Father's Day this Sunday. I wanted to make something a little different and special, yet something I know Laird will love. I hope you enjoy two of my favorite dishes. Enjoy

Serves 4-6


I just cooked this meal for my family and some friends we invited over. I wanted to keep it simple since it was a long day and I didn’t have that much time to prep. I of course also wanted it to taste really good so put together these 3 dishes:

Rebekah Winquest from has put together some ‘meatless’ meal plans. She has designed three full day meal plans that follow the; meal/snack/meal/snack/meal method of eating which we strongly encourage.

Recipes follow

This week’s 7 day meal plan includes meals that are a little different than the norm; Sushi Rolls, Squash, Kale, wrap-less-wraps, soups, and much more! Some of the meals contain poultry, beef, or fish. Please feel free to substitute with a vegan protein and let us know what you make!
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Once in awhile Laird and I like to give our body's a break from heavy foods. All of the meals below are made with foods our body recognizes naturally and can easily digest. Try a light meal plan and let us know if you feel lighter, more energized. Share with us some of you favorite meals. As you know food is a big part of who we are and we take our diet very seriously.

Each week I go to the store 2-3 times. I plan out and shop for my main meals but then re-stock the fresh items like fruits, vegetables and meats when I run low. I suggest getting used to eating foods that are fresh and not canned or boxed to ensure you get vital nutrients your body needs. Fresh foods contain these nutrients unlike processed and boxed lifeless foods.