Our Mission

At gabbyandlaird.com our motto is “life is for living”. We believe that life is meant to be lived healthy, which leads to a wealth of amazing experiences that you share with everyone around you. That’s why our goal is to inspire men, women, and children of all ages worldwide to achieve peak fitness and overall wellbeing, so that everyone can experience the fun and joy of healthy living.

We achieve this goal by sharing our passion for healthy living, plus providing the transformative tools, instruction, motivation, and support to make a sustainable lifestyle change, which leads to an improved quality of life for the entire family. At gabbyandlaird.com you will find all of the fitness instruction, nutrition guidance, and inspirational support, you need to achieve 100% of your desired results, and best of all, have fun doing it.

At gabbyandlaird.com we are dedicated to helping the millions of people looking to move away from an over reliance on unhealthy fast-food, and suffering the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, accomplish a positive and permanent transformation to a truly healthier way of life. We want to help reverse the current obesity crisis by sharing what we know and love, and by empowering everyone to take responsibility for their own health and fitness. We believe that everyone should strive to become a healthy living role model to both their family and friends.  That each of us needs to take control our own health by developing proper exercise and nutrition habits, and that only then can we be a positive influence on the health of those around us.

What you can do is only limited by what you can imagine. So for each of us reality is as wide open as our imagination will allow it to be. We each need to write our own playbooks, all you need is the proper tools, instruction, motivation and support. That’s why at gabbyandlaird.com we will share the ideas, strategies, and philosophies we hope will inspire you to live a healthy life, and remind you each and every day that “life is for living”.

Our Cause

We have created gabbyandlaird.com in hopes of launching a movement to reverse the growth of obesity in America by encouraging everyone to take control of their health and fitness. Today over 35% of U.S. adults are obese, as well as 17% of children. We feel the solution to this obesity epidemic is to empower people to take control of their individual fitness and health by providing the information and support they need to succeed. That’s why at gabbyandlaird.com our 90-day transformation program, as well as all our extreme sports performance workouts, are all free. We offer workouts that can be performed by men, women and children of all ages and fitness levels (from beginner to elite athlete), and there is absolutely no cost.

At gabbyandlaird.com we also provide a free comprehensive 10 step self-motivation program, nutrition guidance, healthy recipes, plus informative fitness and nutrition articles, as well as other useful advice on healthy living all completely free. So now, the biggest obstacle for most people to starting and maintaining a routine fitness program (which is cost), has now been eliminated. Now everyone looking for help towards living a truly healthy lifestyle has all the resources they need to transform their life and achieve peak fitness at no cost. At gabbyandlaird.com all we ask is that you become an ambassador for our cause by sharing the information we provide, and encouraging your friends and relatives to live healthy.

Your Commitment

At gabbyandlaird.com we are committed to sharing all we have learned and love about healthy living in hopes of inspiring you, so you can help transform the lives of your friends and family. The workouts, nutrition guidance and support we provide will always reflect what we truly believe, from what we know works for us. We are committed to sharing every available resource we have in order to provide you the most effective tools, information, instruction, and support that you need to achieve the healthy life you envision for yourself and your entire family.

However, in order for our program to work, we also need a commitment from you. It takes time to develop proper exercise and nutrition habits, and to make healthy living your way of life. So we ask you to commit to following our exercise recommendations and nutrition guidance for at least 90 days. That means exercising at least 3 times per week (or more when you can), as well as eating food that optimizes your life and provides your body the proper nutrition it needs to thrive (not just survive). Most importantly, reminding yourself each and every day the true reason living healthy is important to you. Once you follow our program for 90 days, your life will be permanently transformed. Sure, there will be times when workouts are missed, and your nutrition plan slips (everyone has their ups and downs), but now you will always be able to find the passion to get back on your program, because now you know how great it feels to live healthy. At gabbyandlaird.com, we want to help you live a long, fruitful life, and most importantly enjoy the ride. Our days are meant to be fun, so live healthy and let it rip (at least a little bit), because “life is for living”.