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This simple and delicious recipe was inspired by Gabby's facebook fans. 

Here is a quick and healthy dinner that has very few ingredients but is big on taste. Your whole family should enjoy. Bon Appétit.

This is a hardy but delicious meal or side. I had a great time making this with my daughter. She loved to help peel, layer and sprinkle. Enjoy.

Super easy summer salad. Use your left over watermelon and tomatoes in the fridge!

Serving Size:
1 Person would get about 6 watermelon and tomato chunks and 4 avocado chunks - even parts of watermelon and tomatoes - a little less avocado - enough bib lettuce and feta to lie on top.

Meal Plans

I am making this dinner for Father's Day this Sunday. I wanted to make something a little different and special, yet something I know Laird will love. I hope you enjoy two of my favorite dishes. Enjoy

Serves 4-6


I just cooked this meal for my family and some friends we invited over. I wanted to keep it simple since it was a long day and I didn’t have that much time to prep. I of course also wanted it to taste really good so put together these 3 dishes:

Rebekah Winquest from has put together some ‘meatless’ meal plans. She has designed three full day meal plans that follow the; meal/snack/meal/snack/meal method of eating which we strongly encourage.

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