Our Philosophy


If getting great results from a fitness program was easy, everyone would be in great shape. But the hardest part is taking that first step, and making the decision to live healthy. The biggest obstacle to enjoying all life has to offer is procrastination. So the best time to start a new fitness program, or to reenergize your commitment to living healthy, is always “Right Now”. There is never any advantage to delaying the decision to make a positive change in your life (whatever it is). Once you have made the commitment to improve your quality of life, the rest will be easy. Because once you start to feel the changes, and see the results, you will be hooked to living healthy for the rest of your life. At gabbyandlaird.com our philosophy is there is only one successful path to achieving a sustainable change to a healthy lifestyle, and that is through a combination of routine exercise, proper nutrition, and personal motivation. The undisputable fact is exercise alone can’t offset the negative effects of unhealthy eating, and unfortunately no one can do your workouts for you. But once you have discovered the keys to motivating yourself to make a positive and permanent lifestyle change, the long-term impact can be simply amazing. The transformation you can achieve through a combination of daily exercise and great nutrition is far more than just visual changes to your body, but real healthfulness, that leads to a quality of life that is truly worth living.

Our Formula

Today 7 out of 10 Americans don’t exercise regularly, and less than one third of Americans eat healthfully. Most distressing is that only 3% of Americans live a healthy lifestyle; that is eat a good diet, get routine physical activity, control their weight, and don’t smoke. So at gabbyandlaird.com our formula for achieving improved health is simple:

Increased exercise + improved nutrition = a healthier you

The exercise portion of living healthy is easy. The amount of exercise you need depends on your goals, but for good health all you need is just 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day, which will provide protection from many common diseases such as heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis and depression. For weight loss, experts recommend at least 60 minutes of moderate exercise, and for improved sports performance at least 60 minutes of high intensity exercise. Since 60% of Americans are looking to lose weight, and since many gabbyandlaird.com users are looking to improve their athletic abilities, our goal is to provide the motivation, instruction, and support to help everyone build-up to at least 60 minutes a day of functional training. Then once you’re ready, an hour or more of high intensity sports performance training. Remember, you are only limited by what you can imagine, so why not set your goals high? The nutrition program that is right for you also depends on your specific goals. Our experience shows that it’s not just a matter of what you eat, but also when you eat it. Give your body the nutrition it needs throughout the day, but in the right amounts. Everyone has their favorite foods they absolutely love, and for some people those foods are even associated with their favorite childhood memories. So we don’t ask anyone to give up the foods they love or crave. Learn to listen to your food cravings, but in a healthier way. If you’re looking to lose weight, that probably means a little less, but small changes can make a big difference. For example, just eating less french fries and drinking less soda pop will make a huge difference. The average American consumes 177 servings of French fries and over 560 soft drinks per year. That’s almost a serving of french fries every other day plus 2 cans of pop daily. Those are all “empty and wasted calories”. Additionally, 80% to 90% of unhealthy people eat fast food regularly, with 25% of Americans eating fast food every day. So just eating less fast food can lead to a much healthier you. Eating right is a critical component of healthy living, but it is far easier than most people think. At gabbyandlaird.com we will provide you simple to understand nutrition guidelines that will help you eat more of the quality food you need, but without obsessing about your diet. Remember, life is for living so we want you to enjoy yourself.

Your Program

The unfortunate reality of healthy living is that no one can do it for you. Making exercise a priority, and feeding your body the diversity of quality foods it needs to perform and be healthy is up to you. Your path is yours alone, and the best way to find your path is to start with a dream. The first step to living healthier is to visualize the better life you want for you and your family. And most importantly, understand the true reason it’s important to you. Once you get in touch with want you want, and why you really want it, you’ll find the personal motivation to make it a reality. At gabbyandlaird.com we will show you some great tools you can use to develop personal motivation and create a support network that will help make living healthy a permanent lifestyle, and not just a temporary phase. Sure, for some the path to healthy living will have some hills to climb and periodic challenges, but with the right preparation you will find your personal transformation a fantastic experience, and that the positive impact on those around you will be contagious. There is no one to blame but ourselves when we are unhealthy, but conversely the credit and satisfaction of enjoying a healthy, inspired life will be all yours.