Your Motivation

When it comes to being healthy it’s really fairly simple; eat well, sleep well, and exercise every day. The reason most people don’t follow these daily essentials is basically just lack of motivation. When it comes to living healthy, everything comes down to attitude. Once you get in control of how you think, and learn to keep a positive outlook, your lifestyle will immediately start to change for the better.

At we will help you learn how to find that internal motivation to live healthy every day. You won’t need an expensive personal trainer to watch you workout or to make sure you eat right; the fact is most people can’t afford one. You just need to understand the basic elements of self-motivation, and you will always be able to find the enthusiasm to exercise and the discipline to eat healthy.

The first key to finding and staying motivated to achieve a positive lifestyle change is to understand what we call your “driving want”. Why is it truly important that you change your life? What is the real reason you want to live healthy? Not just the appearance changes that come with daily exercise and proper nutrition, but how do you see your life genuinely improving? Then visualize that new world, and remind yourself every day of that “driving want”. Then you’ll start to see that the power to make a positive lifestyle change is always strongly within you.

Sure, negativity is going to crop up from time-to-time; it’s an unfortunate part of being a human. But when you know a few basic tools to dealing with downturns, getting yourself back on track will be a certainty. At we understand that self-motivation is always the key element of living healthy, so we focus on providing the techniques and strategies to help everyone successfully control their attitude and achieve their fitness goals.  Because, your mind has 100% power over your reality.

Your Playbook

When you are not prepared, don’t be surprised if you fail. Far too many people start a fitness program without the proper education and preparation on how to control the way they think. That’s why so many people get started, but never follow through with their resolution to get in shape.  Ask any health club owner, and they will tell you 4 out 5 gym memberships go unused. So save the money you would spend on a health club membership or personal trainer, and instead learn how to motivate yourself. Then you can have the flexibility to workout anytime and anywhere you want.

With an effective playbook, that shows you how to successfully deal with the challenges and barriers to living healthy, you’ll be fully prepared to win. At we provide 10 proven techniques to ensure you achieve a permanent transformation to healthy living (just choose the support you need and click for more information).Your success in achieving a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family is a proven process, which providing you follow the appropriate steps will always lead to a healthier you.

  • 1) Identify Your "Driving Want"
  • 2) Visualize Success
  • 3) Set Specific Goals and Objectives
  • 4) Prioritize Desired Results
  • 5) Establish a Personal Fitness Goal
  • 6) Develop a Game Plan
  • 7) Replicate Positive Behaviors
  • 8) Dealing with Setbacks
  • 9) Tracking and Posting Results
  • 10) Involve Your Friends and Family

Our Support

While no one can exercise for you or force you to eat right, at you will not be alone as you make your positive lifestyle change. In addition to your family and friends, when you register to become a G&L web-club member you can recieve our "Life Is For Living" daily motivational tips plus fitness and nutrition advice. You’ll also get access to Premium website content including over 400 HD Gabby and Laird exercise videos. We want to help you every step of the way with your personal transformation, so we are committed to providing you the daily motivational support you need to succeed.

No matter who you are or how unhealthy you have lived previously, you can achieve a much healthier you.  If you are just starting a fitness program for the first time, jump-in and challenge yourself to try something new. That’s the whole idea; force yourself to make a healthy lifestyle change. If you have previously tried to live healthfully but don’t always follow through, give our program a try. We will inspire and challenge you to reach a whole new level of fitness and healthy living, plus become a positive influence on the people around you.

At we want to build a community of people dedicated to healthy living. If you want your family and friends to share this passion, it has to start with you. So sign-up for our free G&L 90-day program, and share the information we provide; the ideas, strategies, and philosophes with everyone around you. Because helping create a world where people live healthy is a cause worth sharing, plus ultimately the greatest beneficiary of helping others will be you.